Loveland, Colorado

Friday, April 30, 2021

Sunny, temps in the mid-50s in the lot, probably high 40s at the peak. 1:15 of skiing (245-4) to wrap up the week. Snow was ... tough. A lot of water in the snow from melt meant a lot of suction, especially in flatter areas.

Still, went from Chet's to Ptarmigan (very slow/sketchy), down South Chutes (okay) to 9, and up top. Went down the side of Jelly Roll/Castle Rock as I've skied a bunch this year, and it was ... mankier than I expected. Should have picked something more north-facing, I think. Back down South Chutes and let it run a bit, and that was good, back down to Ptarmigan. Then down Bennett's Bowl, which was surprisingly good, and then ripped down the ungroomed near the Ptarmigan lift line. That part was good, but where that line merges with the groom was veeeerrry sticky.

After that, another run on Bennett's and then to 6 to wrap it up with a run down Roulette (straight down) which skied really great. Home Run was suuuper sticky on skiers right, but pretty good on skiers left.

Overall, great afternoon. Let's do it a few more times this year? Unfortunately probably not this weekend - COVID shot #2 tomorrow.