Loveland, Colorado

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Gorgeous spring afternoon. Up for 1:15 of freeski to close the day. Sunny, temps near 50. Slushy, sticky snow in parts, perfect corn in others. Very soft, except in the shade, where there's a bit of a glaze.

Went from Chet's to Ptarmigan via Mambo (slow and soft), down South Chutes (okay - a bit manky), and up 9, where I took a run off the side of Jelly Roll. Snow was okay, but able to ski pretty well with not much of a pivot in transition, so that was fun. Back down to Ptarmigan on groomers, which were super soft, but able to get pretty big angles, even if slow. Then Bennett Bowl, which was pretty fun. A bit more speed on the runout to 6 (Turtle Creek?) made way bigger angles and fun. Then 6, for a run down under the lift, which was pretty rattly, but really fun, before a last slow fun run on Mambo.

Snow so heavy, so even carving meant legs felt it a bit, but, really could do that for a long time. Really warm though. Hopefully it's a bit cooler to preserve some snow.