Loveland, Colorado

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mostly cloudy, sun peaking through occasionally. Cold, temps around 10F, and very windy. Lots of blowing snow. Midday GS session with some U16 academy kids. Set by an academy coach, full length (40ish gates, down to the bottom). Really fun - open up top, pretty good swing in the middle/on the pitch, and then pretty normal on the flat. Use the knuckle that's been building up on skiers left for some interesting terrain before the last few gates.

Generally, I skied well, but had some trouble on the pitch (4 gates) where there was more swing. I got it pretty good on a couple of runs, but also had a bit of struggle on a few others. Need to commit hard to the outside ski and run a reasonable line. On the terrain, I definitely struggled. A couple of runs I was too far outside the line, which really ramped up the knuckle and sent me flying well past the gate on the other side. For the others, I checked speed a bit, absorbed it, and was pretty good. Last run, I nailed it, barely leaving the ground and arcing out.

Pretty solid, definitely very fun. Feeling good on the flatter portions for sure, which should bode well for Cooper. Hopefully keep working on the steeps.