Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Another day, another dollar (not many dollars). Fresh snow — about 4" of heavy, "marketing powder", not wet, but mixed with sleet. Snowed all day. Third tracks on Goosebumps, which skied like butter. All schools canceled, except kinder. Did a park safety clinic run by two young snowboard instructors — the students: old skiing instructors.

Found a charming little seeded bump run at the top of the beginner park as we were doing the pre-run & re-run; after the clinic, I skied it three more times. Met Timmy (in civvies) at the summit lift, and skied with him and his friend off the North Peak Triple — Goosebumps again, now more bumpy, but still sweet.

Afternoon kinder (exhausting, naturally), then three more bump runs, then back to the locker, where I saw Timmy again. We discussed translation and Homer (he's reading The Odyssey in the Fitzgerald translation currently).