Mount Snow, Vermont

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not as good a day as I was hoping for given the 12"+ they got Weds-Thurs. Unfortunately, it rained/sleeted/etc overnight, so there was a bit of icy crust on top of everything. It was fine once it got skied once, but it was rough in the trees if you were the first one to get there.

Most of the chairs didn't get going til 11-12 due to ice, so I hit the trees off Ego Alley twice and then hit the tiny park. That was actually great for my confidence after my shitty park attempts so far this season, and got back to feeling good about 50-50's on flat boxes. Spent the rest of the day doing laps of the trees next to One More Time, which had some really fun lines and bumps and airs in there. Not fantastic snow, but what're you gonna do.